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12:00 AM

Young Dancers

Young Dancers, Ages 3-4
We believe it’s never too early to start nurturing your child’s creativity and love of dance, which is why we’re thrilled to present a new program designed to start budding young movers on their exciting dance adventure. Our young dancers will begin to develop spatial awareness, mind and body coordination, balance and fine motor skills as they are lead through an imaginative and energetic creative dance class. Using familiar characters, stories and music they will be gently encouraged to share their creative ideas, build new friendships and show confidence as they discover the magical world of dance. Children will also develop concentration skills and focus whilst cultivating imagination through dance movements.

Below you will find our weekly class schedule and more information on each class. Each level has a syllabus of dance skills and terminology. Our dancers have a variety of class offerings open to them with classes for each level of skill. Classes run all weeks whether there are 3, 4, or 5 weeks in a month, class fees remains the same price (including Holidays). Please note that due to varying studio sizes, some classes will have limited capacity.

Creative Dance 3+
Creative Dance is the perfect introduction for the future study of all dance techniques. These classes blend movement, music, improvisation, and basic dance steps. Students learn dance fundamentals to live musical accompaniment while improving motor skills, self-expression, confidence, imagination, and social development. This curriculum is appropriate for students from the age of three years.

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1 Hour Classes
MONTHLY FEE (Each Class)RM 120
3-Months TERM FEERM 300
Trial (For First Timers Only)RM 25
MONTHLY FEE (Multiple-Class)RM 100

1.5 Hours Classes
MONTHLY FEE (Each Class)RM 180
3-Months TERM FEERM 450
Trial (For First Timers Only)RM 25
MONTHLY FEE (Multiple-Class)RM 150

Getting Started
Students are encouraged to attend a trial class to determine which is the most appropriate class level for them, generally students enter a class with ot age or ability. Our classes are always popular so book early to avoid disappointment.

Monthly Fee
Classes meet ONCE A WEEK and ALL WEEKS. No matter how many classes occur in one month, fees will remain the same every month for convenience purposes whether it is a short or long month. Lessons are not prorated for missed classes, all dancers are welcome to make-up missed classes at their convenience. Monthly Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full.

Drop In Fee
Drop-ins are ideal if you are unable to commit to a fixed schedule. This means you decide which classes you want to attend according to your schedule and level. If you're going to come regularly, it's a good idea to enroll to the class to further reduce your per class rate. Registration Fees and Deposits are not required for drop-in students. Drop-In Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full.

Term Fee
Term Fees are ideal for students who are able to commit to a fixed schedule for three (3) consecutive months with an average of 12/14 lessons per term. Fees are payable at the beginning of each term (1 term = 3 months). Term-Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full. Fee is not applicable or in conjunction with other discounts, vouchers or loyalty programs.

Trial Fee
All Trial Fees (if applicable) must be paid in full before the start of your class. You will not be allowed to enroll or attend until full payment has been received. Trial Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full.

Multiple-Class Discount
Discounted Monthly Fee for this class when enrolled in two or more classes in the same month : RM100
Students may enrol in two or more classes at the same time. When registering for more than one Adult or Youth class in a month, students are eligible for discounts off the total monthly fee for EACH CLASS WHEN PAID IN FULL. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers, coupons and packages. Please be advised that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with our RAD and ISTD syllabus programs, Belly Dance and Zumba® Fitness classes.
New Enrolments
Enrolment Conditions
First Month's FeeRM XX

Registration & Deposits
A one-time Registration Fee and Refundable Deposit Fee is charged to all new enrolees during registration. The deposit will be returned in full upon a ONE (1) MONTH prior notice to the anticipated last class, provided that the student has paid all outstanding fees. Unclaimed deposit fees, over THREE (3) MONTHS from the last class become part of the studio's funds by default. Application will not be processed or confirmed until payment is made. Student Deposits must be paid in full. Deposit will be returned in full upon dropping from all classes.

First Month's Fees
All Monthly Fees must be paid in full. There are no prorated fees. So if a student enrols in week 3 of the month for example, an otherwise RM100 class; students should consider paying drop-in to pay for the remaining 2 weeks of the month (i.e. weeks 3 through 4) or wait for the new month to enrol. Application will not be processed or confirmed until payment is made. Monthly Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full.

Missed Classes & Replacements
Students have the opportunity to replace a missed class if multiple classes of the same category is offered. Replacement classes cannot be rolled over into any future months. Hence students enrolled to a 1 hour Adult Styles class should be replaced to another 1 hour Adult Styles class within the same month in which the student is enrolled. Some classes do not have a replacement option. Students need to contact the front desk to arrange a replacement class. Any other options must be discussed with the instructor.
What To Wear
Any clothing that does not; restrict their movement, cause them to trip or fall or makes them preoccupied and play with their clothing will be fine. Barefeet, socks or trainers are best for the feet.