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Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet
We believe in keeping with the classical traditions in ballet and are committed to the aesthetics and appreciation of ballet as an art form. The adult ballet classes are non-syllabus classes and are taught by our highly experienced RAD teachers. The class consists of traditional barre and center work taught in a disciplined, progression-oriented manner with attention given to both the technical and artistic aspects of dance.

Who is it for?
● Students ages 13 years and up
● Students with or without prior experience
● Students showing a keen interest in the dance

LevelsEntry Prerequisites
Adult Ballet IntroNo experience necessary
Adult Ballet INew or taken ballet classes for less than 2 years
Adult Ballet II2y Adult Ballet or have previous experience
Adult Ballet III3y Adult Ballet or has sound knowledge & technique
Discovering Repertoire 21y Adult Ballet III & Assessment
Discovering Repertoire 3Discovering Repertoire 2 & Assessment
Discovering Repertoire 4Discovering Repertoire 3 & Assessment

Classes meet ONCE A WEEK and ALL WEEKS. No matter how many classes occur in one month, fees will remain the same every month for convenience purposes whether it is a short or long month. Lessons are not prorated for missed classes. Monthly Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full.

Classes 1x WeeklyMonthly Fee
Adult Ballet IntroRM 180
Adult Ballet IIRM 180
Adult Ballet IIIRM 180
Discovering Repertoire 2N/A
Discovering Repertoire 3N/A
Discovering Repertoire 4N/A

Classes 2x WeeklyMonthly Fee
Adult Ballet IntroRM 300
Adult Ballet IIRM 300
Adult Ballet IIIRM 300
Discovering Repertoire 2RM 320
Discovering Repertoire 3RM 320
Discovering Repertoire 4RM 320

Adult Ballet
This introductory class is specially designed for adults who have a passion and desire to learn ballet but have no prior dance experience. The classes provide a welcoming and friendly environment, with individualized instruction and attention, which exposes you to the core fundamentals of ballet in a relaxed and comfortable class setting. Throughout the class you will learn the basic body positions, core ballet exercises such as pliƩ and tendu, how to stand at the barre with appropriate body alignment and posture, an introduction to ballet terminology as well as ballet classroom etiquette.

RAD Discovering Repertoire
Discovering Repertoire is a classical ballet performance programme, an innovative concept in training and assessment from the RAD. Uniquely, the programme includes well-known classical repertoire, meaning students will learn and dance choreography that they have seen on stage, set to music that they know and love.Learners have the option of taking regulated examinations recognised at the following levels on the UK qualifications framework:

Level 2 (equivalent to Grade 5/Intermediate Foundation standard)
Level 3 (equivalent to Grades 6-8/Intermediate & Advanced Foundation standard)
Level 4 (equivalent to Advanced 1 & 2 standard)

What To Wear
Students are requested to arrive for their class with the uniform appropriate to their grade or level. Female students should have their hair neatly tied back and students in Grades 1 and up should have their hair in a bun. In the interests of health and safety and safe dance practice, jewellery must not be worn, unless for religious or cultural reasons. If it is a students’ first class or trial class they are not expected to wear uniform and can wear something that they can move in easily. If prospective students do not have a leotard and skirt, they can wear leggings and a t-shirt or skirt and bare feet.

How to book a class?
1. Fill out the online registration form. Please allow 48 hours for a response.
2. You will receive an email confirmation email to confirm the booking.
3. Arrive at Sole To Soul Dance Studio with your mask on, scan studio's “MYSEJAHTERA” QR-code and present Vaccine Digital Certificate.
4. Dance!

We recommend placing bookings (less than 48-hours before class) directly with our customer service to allow us to process your order in quickest way. If you did not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder.

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