Sole To Soul Dance Studio Petaling Jaya (PJ) Malaysia

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Ballet Elite

The Ballet Elite advanced program at Sole To Soul Dance Studio is guided by the vision of Principal of Dance, Ms Alice Yap Cui Xin. Depending on age and integration, our Elite teams train up to 9 hours a week. Our goal is to provide intensive ballet training experience for students in pursuit of a professional career. The program curriculum includes classes in Ballet Technique, Pointe or Pre-Pointe, Classical Variations and weekly Strength and Conditioning classes. Throughout the year, additional classes in Choreography, Nutrition for Dancers, Dance History and Terminology, and Performance Makeup will be offered. Our teams will compete in 3 to 4 international and local competitions a year and attend masterclasses by some of the best dancers in the industry. All divisions are by invitation only.

Ballet Junior Elite - 6 to 9 Years
Our junior division is specifically designed to provide young dancers with professional training and guidance in classical ballet technique and performance. This curriculum results in strong, versatile, and well educated dancers who are prepared for a professional career as a dancer. The future goal of the Junior Elite division is to provide our young dancers with advanced training and guidance in classical ballet technique and exposures in international and local competitions.

Ballet Youth Elite - 10 to 15 Years
Our youth division continues to nurture, support and empowering the next generation of aspiring dancers aged between 10 and 15 years who wants to take their performance of dance to a much higher level and to function as a professional dancer, setting a high standard of excellence in dance. The goal of the Youth Elite division is to provide our outstanding dancers the opportunity to be mentored towards careers as classical performers through international and local competitions.

● Three (3) hour company class once per week
● Monthly meetings with principal and fellow company members
● Ballet Technique Training
● Pointe or Pre-Pointe Training
● Choreography Training
● Classical Variations Training
● Strength & Conditioning
● International & Local competition opportunities
● Professional Photo Shoots
● Mentorship

Additional Classes
● Masterclasses
● Nutrition for Dancers
● Dance History and Terminology
● Performance Makeup

Getting Started
All divisions are by invitation for intake at the beginning of June. Each program runs for one year. To apply, kindly contact us through email at Shortlisted candidates will be notified via email or phone. Applicants below age of 18 will require parental consent to join the program. We are looking for young people who demonstrates;

● Outstanding ability to express themselves through movement and physical coordination
● Energy, musicality, creativity and flair
● A serious desire, plus the commitment and enthusiasm, to explore dance in depth
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Vaccine Certificate Students and patrons must scan studio's “MYSEJAHTERA” QR-code and present Vaccine Digital Certificate upon arrival. Students under 17 years old must be checked-in by an adult. Masks Students and patrons must wear masks over their nose and mouth, and under their chin AT ALL TIMES. This includes while taking a class, in common areas or renting a studio. Limited Capacity Students aintain 1.5 meters distancing on dance floor (taped indication) to ensure phsical distancing. Classes and Rentals MUST be pre-booked and fully-paid in advance.