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5:49 PM


31st August 2023
Check-In (Registration)
11:00am - 12:00pm
Lounge Area, Level 3
Showcase Competition
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Studio F, Level 1
Prize Ceremony
3:00pm - 3:30pm
Studio F, Level 1
Check-In (Registration)
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Lounge Area, Level 3
2-On-2 All Style Battle
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Studio F, Level 1
Prize Ceremony
7:00pm - 7:30pm
Studio F, Level 1


Registration Fee
RM 35

  • Registration Fee for each dancer
  • RM 40 per dancer after 15th August 2023
1st Place
RM 300

  • RM 300 Cash Prize for 1st-place team
  • RM 100 Cash Prize for 2nd-place team

What Is Rise My Apprentice?

RISE MY APPRENTICE is a competition aimed at giving aspiring young dancers a chance to build their confidence and experience performing at a competition level in a friendly and welcoming environment. Dancers will be given feedback from our professional judges highlighting areas such as technique, expression, and musicality which will allow the dancers to see where they can improve.


  • This competition is open to any participant that has never competed, or was never placed 1st or placed top 4 in any dance battle competition
  • By participating in the Event, all participants must agree and acknowledge that:

    • Participants are in a good state of health to take part in the Event. However, kindly prompt the Studio urgently for any discomfort or sickness and promptly refrain from participation to avoid unforeseen circumstances that may disrupt the good nature of this competition. All Participants are expected to be in healthy condition during the event and may be removed from participating should they be found to be symptomatic of Covid-19
    • It is the participants' responsibility to report a group member's injury or illness to the Studio before the event
    • If a participant is ill, injured, or physically and emotionally affected by the Event at any given time before or during the competition, they will be escorted away. Their status will be considered ineligible or disqualification from competing any further
    • The Studio reserves the right to withdraw any participant who appears to have a severe disability, injury, or requires medical attention
    • In the unlikely situation of any unforeseen accident due throughout the Event, the Studio and all its organizing team will not be held liable
    • Participants must have their parents' or legal guardians' consent to take part in the Event. All other relevant permissions from any institutions have already been obtained (if applicable)
    • Studio reserve the right of photography and videography usage at their discretion without seeking consent from those in the photos or videos. The photographs and footage may be used, produced, or contracted to promote this competition across marketing materials such as in-studio communications, PR, and social media, including but not limited to brochures, invitations, and online news sites, etc
    • Studio reserves the right to alter any parts of the terms and conditions above without prior notice


  • Participant may not represent more than one battle team
  • Each team must consists of two (2) team members
  • Each team may be made up of any combination of males and females within the defined age divisions

Judges Scoring

  1. Preliminaries
    • 50 team limit combined
    • Each team will have 90 seconds to audition (1 round each dancer x 45 seconds)
    • The top 16 teams will move on to the main tournament
    • Top 32 teams will move on to the main tournament if 40 or more teams auditions
    • Routines are allowed
  2. Main Tournament
    • TOP 32 will be 3 mins each battle (1 round each dancer x 45 seconds)
    • TOP 16 will be 3 mins each battle (1 round each dancer x 45 seconds)
    • TOP 8 will be 3 mins each battle (1 round each dancer x 45 seconds)
    • Semifinals will be 6 mins each battle (2 rounds each dancer x 45 seconds)
    • Finals will be 2 rounds each dancer (no time limit)
    • Routines are allowed
  3. Teams will be judged by a panel of highly qualified judges who are also our STS Faculty.
  4. Every performance will be judged a panel of 3 experienced judges
  5. Each judge will be assessing the quality of the performance, musicality, dance technique and the personality of the performers
  6. All participants agree that the time, manner and method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the judges, STS Directors, and producers of RISE MY APPRENTICE and that all decisions are final.


  1. Please fill out the registration form below with all necessary information. Printed forms can be obtained from studio director, Emerson
  2. All "Early Bird" entries together with the registration fee must be submitted by 15th August, 2023
  3. All entries together with the registration fee must be submitted directly to Emerson. Entries that are incomplete, with inaccurate information, and/or without payment of the entry fee will not be processed

2-On-2 All Battle Registration
Team Name :

Dancer 1
Name :
NRIC / Passport No. :
Contact Number : Email Address :

Dancer 2
Name :
NRIC / Passport No. :
Contact Number : Email Address :

I acknowledge that the information I've given is accurate and complete.

2-On-2 All Style Battle Judge

Pitt Den
2-On-2 All Style Battle Judge

Popping Lia
2-On-2 All Style Battle Judge

Aloysius Ho

DJ Pop Pop Qian

Visit Us
We’d love to welcome you to the studio. Visits are appointment only. We are located at Taman SEA Petaling Jaya across the LDP highway from SS2 residence. Studio has no lifts or elevators, so we are not wheelchair accessible, sorry!

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