Sole To Soul Dance Studio Petaling Jaya (PJ) Malaysia

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Dance Intensive

Dance Intensive
Our intensive level program are taught by our top dance instructors. The course provides serious students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the technique and become stronger dancers. All dancers will be challenged in their areas of strength and musicality and will be encouraged in areas that may challenge them. They will have the opportunity to learn and grow in all areas of their dance technique and will receive information on the history of Hip Hop and its journey through time. Students will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to grow as a team. All levels contain 24x 2 hour sessions over 24 weeks. No Registration & Deposits required.

Who is it for?
● Completed Dance Foundation III or equivalent
● Must be physically fit with emphasis on healthy mind and body
● Must be self-motivated and able to self-evaluate
● Strong desire to grow and develop as a dancer
● Must have a positive attitude

● Youth - Ages 9 to 17 years
● Adults - Ages 18 years & up

● Two (2) hour class once per week
● Monthly meetings with principal and fellow company members
● Classes with STSDS faculty and guest instructors
● Technique Training
● Choreography Training
● Fitness Conditioning
● Dance History and Terminology

LevelsDurationFee (Installment)
Foundation I8x weeks x 1.5 hourRM 300
Foundation II8x weeks x 1.5 hourRM 300
Foundation III8x weeks x 1.5 hourRM 300
Intensive I24x weeks x 2 hourRM 1,200
(RM 600 x 2)
Intensive II24x weeks x 2 hourRM 1,200
(RM 600 x 2)
Company48x weeks x 3 hourRM 3,600
(RM 900 x 4)

Getting Started
Admission to Dance Intensive is by live audition. Auditions will take place at Sole To Soul Dance Studio. Successful candidates will be offered a contract detailing expectations for behavior, grade point averages, etc. as well as consequences for not meeting the expectations. Dance Foundation III or prior training in Hip Hop preferred.