Sole To Soul Dance Studio Petaling Jaya (PJ) Malaysia

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Getting Started

Getting Started
Get Started In 3 Simple Steps
Register For Trial
Take a moment to browse our weekly schedule and register for a trial class of your choice so that you can test-drive before you commit. Access more information of each by clicking on the class title or watch our sample videos.

Prepare For Arrival
We suggest arriving at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to the start of your class. If you arrive early, you can wait at the studio lounge at the 3rd floor. Masks are still compulsory in classes and at common areas of the studio.

Enjoy Your Class!
Make your way to your assigned studio. After your trial, make sure to sign up for the class to hold your spot if you liked it! There is no obligation to continue, and there is nothing much to loose. And as they say, you will never know until you try.
Single Trial
RM 30

  • First-timers can register for 1 trial for each class
  • Additional trials to the same class will be charged as drop-in
5x Class Trial Pack
RM 120

  • All clasess must be claimed within 14 days from the first class
  • First-timers can register for 1 trial for each class

Choose Your Level
Open Classes
Grades / LevelsEntry Prerequisites
Absolute BeginnerBeginners who have never danced before. A slower paced class.
BeginnerAlso a beginner level. For dancers with little or no dance background.
Beginner / IntermediateFast Beginner. For dancers who wants to take their dancing to another level.
IntermediateFor dancers with anywhere from two to three years experience.
AdvancedFor dancers with solid foundation and been dancing for years.
OpenMixed levels. Expect an initial challenge in your first few weeks.

RAD Ballet
Grades / LevelsEntry Prerequisites
Baby Ballet4 to 5 years
Pre-Primary In Dance6 to 7 years
Primary In Dance7 to 8 years
Grade 18 to 9 years
Grade 29 to 10 years
Grade 310 to 11 years
Grade 4Completed previous grade
Grade 5Completed previous grade
Inter-FoundCompleted previous grade
IntermediateCompleted previous grade
Adv-FoundCompleted previous grade
Advanced 1Completed previous grade
Advanced 2Completed previous grade
Adult Ballet IntroNo experience necessary
Adult Ballet INew or taken ballet classes for less than 2 years
Adult Ballet II2y Adult Ballet or have previous experience
Adult Ballet III3y Adult Ballet or has sound knowledge & technique
Discovering Repertoire 21y Adult Ballet III & Assessment
Discovering Repertoire 3Discovering Repertoire 2 & Assessment
Discovering Repertoire 4Discovering Repertoire 3 & Assessment

ISTD Modern Dance
Grades / LevelsEntry Prerequisites
Grade 17 to 8 years
Grade 28 to 10 years
Grade 311 to 13 years
Grade 413 & above
Grade 514 & above
Grade 6Completed Grade 5
Jazz Awards Bronze13 & above
Jazz Awards Silver13 & above
Jazz Awards Gold13 & above
Int-FoundCompleted Grade 6
IntermediateCompleted Inter-Found
Adv-FoundCompleted Intermediate
Advanced 1Completed Adv-Found
Advanced 2Completed Advanced 1

Frequently Asked Questions
When Can I Start?
Many of our classes are ongoing so you can start anytime you like. This means you drop-in to a beginner class if that’s your level, and when you feel you have improved to the extent that it is not challenging anymore, you move on.

Am I Too Old?
No one is ever too old to learn to dance. We have dancers in every age group and every level of ability dancing at our studio. There is always room to grow and learn at any age so if you can walk, you can dance.

Which Is My Level?
We recommend taking a level that is lower for the following reasons: you may be unfamiliar with a teacher's style, classes may be harder than what you are accustomed to, or you might want to acclimate yourself to new surroundings.

How Long Will It Take?
Each person has their own learning curve. We recommend you feel very comfortable at one level before proceeding to a higher level. Obviously, the more you practice what you learn, the faster you will become comfortable with your style.

If I Can't Up?
If you find the class difficult, please do not hesitate in asking questions during class so that the instructor can assist you. Private lessons are a great option to assist you in understanding and executing the movements covered in the classes.

Can I Try A Class?
Yes. Please give us a call and let us set up a trial class of your choice so that you can test-drive before you commit. This gives the dancer the opportunity to try out the class, meet teachers and decide whether or not the class is for them.