Sole To Soul Dance Studio Petaling Jaya (PJ) Malaysia

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Studio Faculty
Sole To Soul Dance Studio presents an amazing line up of top notch dance faculty and choreographers. All of them proved their skills in the past years and become the most qualified educators for choreography-oriented dancers, teachers, and choreographers. Comprising a combined artistic and administrative force of more than 40 professionals and growing, our faculty is fully committed to bring enthusiasm and love of dance together with technical expertise and experience to help students fulfil their potential and reach their goals in dance.

Management Team

Alice Yap

Alice began her dance training at an early age and graduated with honors from the Royal Academy of Dance, holding a Dance Teaching Certificate - ARAD with a Distinction in Classical Ballet. As an instructor, she was exposed to a wide variety of teachers and styles and where she subsequently taught for over 20 years.

Emerson Soo

Emerson is an executive, entrepreneur and business builder with more than 20 years of experience in business and finance, and working with different public and private sectors. During this time, he became an expert in managing, motivating and leading teams.

RAD Ballet & ISTD Modern Faculty

Siew Wei
RAD Ballet Faculty

For Siew Wei, dance is as much a learning journey for her students as it is for the educator, and it continues to be a fulfilling one that she constantly looks forward to grow in. She currently teaches RAD ballet at sts.

Winnie Piong
RAD Ballet Faculty

Winnie is currently pursuing her tertiary studies and interest in becoming a teacher. She will be seen at the studios assisting or participating in a range of dance classes under the guidance of Ms Alice.

Cyn Dee
ISTD Modern Faculty

Cyn Dee comes to us with an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience. She is a passionate educator who enjoys nurturing her students through preparing them for examinations, performances and competitions.

Naomi Teo
ISTD Modern Faculty

Naomi has interest in various dance styles including Modern and Ballet. She also has knowledge in Sports and Exercise Science. With improvisation and relevant trainings, she creates unique and fun classes for her students.

Open Class Faculty

Amanda Tay
Open Class Faculty

Amanda brings an organic and unique approach to her dancing and teaching. She has a strong technical background in Classical Ballet and Modern. There is no way you can fit her style into a box, it comes straight from the heart.

Andy Nazrin
Open Class Faculty

Andy is one of our most accomplished kpop trainer in the industry. Andy will help you develop your talent and confidence. He shares his knowledge and skill in our adult kpop and choreography classes at sts!

Brandon Tan
Open Class Faculty

Brandon is one of our most accomplished kpop trainer in the industry. He’s very motivated to inspire the students to love dance as much as he does, and to bring them to an even higher level in dance.

Emily Wong
Open Class Faculty

Emily is a passionate nurturing instructor who is passionate about imparting her knowledge of Belly Dancing to her students. Her classes are always filled with energy and lots of laughter.

Ezry Ibrahim
Open Class Faculty

Ezry began his training at sts. He is also one of our longest serving faulty member teaching hip hop and kpop in the studio's various adults, and early childhood programs. He is amazing with children starting in dance.

Grace Constance
Open Class Faculty

Grace is a methodical teacher and takes her time to ensure dancers learn as much as they can in her girl style class. Her warm, charismatic personality make the classes fun, relaxed and very enjoyable.

Ice Chiew
Open Class Faculty

Ice is no stranger to the performing arts. She is a beautiful, vivacious and power-pack dancer. She brings her energy with her into classes to help students develop and express themselves through dance.

Jeamie Lee
Open Class Faculty

Jeamie began teaching professionally in 2003 and has ever since been promoting salsa passionately in Malaysia. She is known for her right amount of technicality, variations, and fun in classes she conduct.

Jonathan Loo
Open Class Faculty

Dance has taken Jonathan dancing and competing around the world. Over his extensive training and performing career, Jonathan began teaching choreography to all levels finding joy in sharing his knowledge and skill.

Kenneth Tan
Open Class Faculty

Kenneth was trained by the best teachers in the field, both locally and overseas. In his classes, you can expect to learn and practice the basics of hip hop technique that will help you bring your dance to the next level.

Kim Khoo
Open Class Faculty

Kim Khoo is an accomplished ballet and contemporary dancer, choreograher and teacher. She shares her knowledge and skill in our adult adult ballet and contemporary classes at sts.

Open Class Faculty

Lingzy is no stranger to the Street Dance community. Since 2010 she has bagged over 10 champion titles in hip hop. You can find still her battling it out at a dance battle while teaching dancers how to be groovy!

Luke Ong
Open Class Faculty

Luke is passionate about sharing hip hop foundations and grooves with his students within the style. For more than 10 years, he has coached a few hundred students at dance studios, schools, colleges and private entities.

Niesha Tan
Open Class Faculty

Niesha is no stranger to the performing arts. She is known for her energetic Hip Hop and Choreography classes, in which she covers foundation steps, variations and ties all movement into a choreographed routine.

Pauline Goh
Open Class Faculty

Pauline is an all-around performer trained in girls style dance. She is known for her energetic classes, in which she covers foundation steps, variations and ties all movement into a choreographed routine.

Pei Yu
Open Class Faculty

Alongside the exposures to contemporary and various street styles, Pei Yu loves to explore movements with fusion elements. Her classes usually focuses a lot more on flows and movement continuity.

Pitt Den
Open Class Faculty

Pitt Den is one of the most passionate breakdancer in the industry. He has a great passion for teaching and has taught extensively throughout his journey with the dance.

Popping Lia
Open Class Faculty

Popping Lia is a versatile and accomplished dancer who brings a fresh and energetic flavor to dance where ever he goes. He is a passionate teacher who believes in passing down his knowledge to the next generation.

Pui Yee
Open Class Faculty

Pui Yee first discovered dance in 2010. Since then, her experiences have enabled her to acquire an affinity for choreography. She’s very motivated to inspire the students to love dance as much as she does, and to bring them to an even higher level in dance.

Ryan Tan
Open Class Faculty

Ryan is a passionate advocate for the local dance community. Specializing in Street Jazz and KPop Girls, his love for the art inspired him to become an instructor and mentor to the future generation of dancers in Malaysia.

Sue Jean
Open Class Faculty

Sue Jean is a passionate Kpop dancer and instructor. Her goal is to be able to share her experiences of the Kpop culture with everyone; and provide them with a fundamental understanding of the dance.

Winnie Tay
Open Class Faculty

Winnie's contemporary classes focus on elevating foundations and expanding vocabulary as well as encouraging quality of movement, expression and enjoyment.

ZIN Carol Ng
Open Class Faculty

Carol is an accredited Zumba® teacher and member of the Zumba Instructor Network, with qualifications in Zumba® Basics 1. She's calm, cool, no stress attitude is her trademark.