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Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are the quickest, most effective way to improve your dancing, and in many cases the only way to fine-tune technique and develop advanced skills. Whatever your dancing goals are, we can help you achieve them. A private lesson is usually a group or "one-on-one" lesson with your instructor where you will receive individualised attention, learning specifically what you want to work on. Your group class will focus on the dances you choose, and progress at a rate that is comfortable for your specific group. Lessons and frequency will be arranged between the studio and student. Benefits of Private Lessons of private lessons includes;

  • Personalised attention
  • Better development and focus on technique
  • Flexibility to your schedule
  • More opportunities to ask questions and address any concerns or issues
  • Plenty of time to work and fine-tune the individual’s/couple’s/group’s style
  • Fast track learning as a result of a more focused direct approach

Individual or Group Lessons
Whether coming in for a one-off private class to work through a particular issue, or whether you want an instructor to develop an individual program for you over a package of private classes, you’ll discover the difference some one-on-one attention can make in your dancing. Each class can be designed for any age and skill level. With our diverse private class package, you are free to choose a one-off class or a set of weekly dance classes of your choice. With your own instructor you’ll be able to focus on what you want, at your pace, and arrange lessons at a time that specifically fits your schedule.

Lessons1 Hour4 Hours (Package)
One To OneRM 250 RM 800
2-10paxRM 300 RM 1,000
11-20paxRM 350 RM 1,200

Customized Choreography
When the client isn’t learning or practicing dance but requests a piece of original choreography for a specific occasion, eg. an original dance for a stage performance or for competition dances and auditions, there may be an added Choreography Fee to the private lesson rate. The fee is range from RM400 to RM800 in addition to the private lesson rates, dependent on choreography and time spent by the instructor. Fees are determined based on the requested piece, and how many minutes of choreography is needed. Clients are allowed to video the session but must provide their own camera and videographer.

We recommend a MINIMUM of four (4) hours lessons for "One To One" assignments to learn a 2.5 minutes routine, AND MINIMUM of 6 hours lessons are required for routines up to 4 minutes. For "Group" projects, MINIMUM of 6 to 8 hours will be required. However more practice hours gives you more time to learn a more elaborated choreography or to learn, practice, get help from your teacher and become even more confident.

Choreography+ 4 Hour Lessons+ 6 Hour Lessons+ 8 Hour Lessons
One To One (2.5-mins)RM 1,200 RM 1,600RM 2,000
2-10pax (2.5-mins)RM 1,600RM 2,100 RM 2,600
11-20pax (2.5-mins)RM 2,000RM 2,600RM 3,200
One To One (4-mins)RM 1,400RM 1,800 RM 2,200
2-10pax (4-mins)RM 1,800RM 2,300RM 2,800
11-20pax (4-mins)RM 2,200RM 2,800RM 3,400

Wedding First Dance
Make the first dance at your wedding fun and stress free with a wedding dance customized to your personality and style. Our professional instructors know all of the right questions to ask to ensure that your first dance goes off without a hitch and is an important highlight of your special wedding day. You can choose the song or we can help you select the music and the type of dance. Our choreographers will create a unique wedding dance that fits best for you and the wedding atmosphere. The choreography can be something as a simple romantic slow dance, a formal ballroom dance, or more modern hip hop. The choreography is extremely adaptive for any level of dance experience (beginner, intermediate or advanced level). We will help you to achieve the best results with minimal efforts.

Four (4) hours is usually sufficient to learn a simple 2 to 2.5 minutes routine, as long as you practice at home. 6 to 8 hours gives you more time to learn a more elaborated choreography or to learn, practice, get help from your teacher and become even more confident.

ChoreographyLessons IncludedPackage Rate
2.5 Mins4 HoursRM 1,400
4 Mins6 HoursRM 2,000

How To Book?
ALL BOOKINGS must be made at least 48 Hours before your anticipated lesson and is subject to availability. We recommend placing bookings (less than 48-hours before class) directly with our customer service "WhatsApp" to allow us to process your order in quickest way. Our Customer Service will take your request and we will contact you to confirm the request within 48 hours. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule for lessons. Full payment of the total quoted amount becomes due immediately once the booking is formally accepted.

  • BOOKINGS must be made at least 48 Hours before your anticipated lesson
  • Full payment of the total quoted amount becomes due once booking is accepted
  • 4 Lessons (Hour) must be used within 2 months from the first lesson
  • 8 Lessons (Hour) must be used within 3 months from the first lesson
  • Students are not allowed to access studio until full payment is made
  • All payments made is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Cancellations & Reschedulling must be done at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise forfeited
  • No refunds or credits for late cancellations or no shows
  • No food or drinks other than water are allowed in the studio
  • No inappropriate activities are allowed in the studio

What We Need From You:
  1. Tell us about your plans or your purpose for a private lesson;
    • To personalised a class flexibility to your schedule
    • To prepare for performance
    • To prepare for competition
    • To prepare for wedding

  2. If you're preparing for performance, competion or wedding, please prepare the following answers;
    • When is your "Event Date"?
    • Where is the location and what are the stage measurements?

  3. Which music or dance you would like help with it?
  4. Which is the best day and time you can be in the studio for lessons?
  5. When do you want to start? (lessons should be scheduled at least 1 week apart and 1 hour each lesson ideally)

1. WhatsApp
  1. Kindly WhatsApp us at 012-222 3700
  2. You will receive a confirmation and supporting payment instructions.
  3. Once payment is transacted, send us your payment receipt to verify and confirm the booking.
  4. Arrive at Sole To Soul Dance Studio with your mask on.
  5. Dance!