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Private Lessons

Private Lessons
Private lessons are a fast and focused way to become proficient in your dance skills. A private lesson is usually a group or "one-on-one" lesson with your instructor where you will receive individualized attention, learning specifically what you want to work on. We offer a variety of classes, including private lessons. From Introductory Private Classes, to Audition Preparation, our experienced instructors can provide you with the creativity to suit your needs! Classes can be scheduled around the student's availability.

Fees & Packages
Regular One-To-One
Single Lesson (1hr)RM 200
Package (4hrs)RM 800

Group 2-10pax
Single Lesson (1hr)RM 350
Package (4hrs)RM 1,000

Group 11-20pax
Single Lesson (1hr)RM 400
Package (4hrs)RM 1,200

Group 21-30pax
Single Lesson (1hr)RM 450
Package (4hrs)RM 1,400

Personalised Choreography

Choreography is one of our finest divisions. Each of our choreographers have extensive experience. Each routine is custom designed with your specific needs in mind. We have the complete spectrum of popular and niche dance forms at your disposal. We are also here to provide recommendations to those looking for a choreographer for any type of event.

Competition Choreography
Dance competitions are something you might wish to consider if you learn well through setting definitive goals and timelines. Many dancers engage our choreographers to help prepare for auditions or try-outs into competitive performance teams. These settings enable our experienced choreographers to focus on your specific needs, whether you need to reinforce what you've learned in group lessons, improve your technique, add styling and body movement, remember specific moves or prepare for competitions.

Group Showcase Choreography
We can help you choreograph for your talent show, flash mob, upcoming event, or simply hold classes for your group to attend. We also teach you how to conquer the stage and make it yours with stage performance lessons. Let us know what your needs are and we'll do our best to accommodate them!

Fees & Packages
Regular One-To-One
ChoreographyRM 400
+ Package (4hrs)RM 800
+ Optional Add-On (/hr)RM 200

Group 2-10pax
ChoreographyRM 600
+ Package (4hrs)RM 1,000
+ Optional Add-On (/hr)RM 250

Group 11-20pax
ChoreographyRM 600
+ Package (8hrs)RM 2,400
+ Optional Add-On (/hr)RM 300

Group 21-30pax
ChoreographyRM 600
+ Package (10hrs)RM 3,500
+ Optional Add-On (/hr)RM 350

Wedding First Dance

Make the first dance at your wedding fun and stress free with a wedding dance customized to your personality and style. Our professional instructors know all of the right questions to ask to ensure that your first dance goes off without a hitch and is an important highlight of your special wedding day. You can choose the song or we can help you select the music and the type of dance. The choreography can be something as a simple romantic slow dance, a formal ballroom dance, or more modern hip hop.

Wedding First Dance Package
ChoreographyRM 600
+ Package (4hrs)RM 800
+ Optional Add-On (/hr)RM 200

Team Building
Our team building dance workshops work on many many levels to encourage a balance between work and pleasure in your company relationships and dynamics. Our most popular team building dance workshops are from 1 to 4 hours long and are based on a chosen dance style or to learn a routine to a song. These classes are great to get people out of the office environment and into an alternative relaxed one where you can learn some fun dance moves, de-stress and build company morale with your colleagues.

Package A - 2 instructors (3hrs)
Recommended for 10 - 20pax
RM 2,400
Package B - 2 instructors (3hrs)
Recommended for 20 - 40pax
RM 2,700

Getting Started
We are pleased to be able to offer you some of the most qualified teachers in Malaysia. As a result, our teachers are very full with bookings so there are rules relating to Private Lessons which must be adhered to as a condition of enrolment. Our classes are always popular so book early to avoid disappointment. Lessons are typically offered at these times. Please note that the studio requires a week's notice to schedule the first class.

Reservation Process
PRIVATE LESSONS MUST BE BOOKED AT LEAST ONE WEEK before the class starts and are subject to availability. Our Customer Service will take your request and an email confirmation will be sent to your corresponding email address to confirm the request within 24 hours. Upon booking your Private Lessons you agree to attend your lessons EVERY WEEK or FORTNIGHT at your allocated time during the set term. If you need to arrange a new time slot, please contact our Front Office. We will endeavour to place you on a day and time that suits you. All private lessons are required to be paid in advance in full. Students will be required to make payment at our Front Office before entering the class. ALL RATES QUOTED ARE INCLUSIVE OF 6% GST.

Sole To Soul Dance Studio On-The-Go
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