Sole To Soul Dance Studio Petaling Jaya (PJ) Malaysia

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Concert Handbook

Sole To Soul Dance Studio
Studio Concert 2023
Concert Handbook
We invite you to join us as we celebrate an unforgettable weekend filled with music, dance and more than 400 students and faculty. Multiple performances ranging from ballet, modern, contempoary, hip hop, street jazz and more will be held over the weekend to give students and their families the chance to celebrate the joy of dance and performance. Dancers of all ages and experiences will brave the stage this December when Sole To Soul Dance Studio celebrates our 15-Years Anniversary Celebration Concert 2023 at

Stage 1 Theatre, Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre PJPAC
on 6pm Saturday, Dec 2nd & 3pm Sunday, Dec 3rd

Join us, as we celebrate their years of hard work and dedication

  1. Upon arrival, all dancers MUST register at the registration counter at the main entrance to collect your name tag. Please schedule your arrival according to your stage rehearsals schedule. After stage rehearsals, if you are to leave backstage, you will need to RE-REGISTER before CALL TIME at the registration counter (Kindly refer to stage rehearsals schedule)
  2. Please wear your name tags at all times. Dancers without name tags are not allowed into the auditorium / backstage / changing area (Parents are not allowed backstage, only crews or instructor allowed)
  3. Once your group has completed your stage rehearsal, our STSDS Concert Crew will assist you to your assigned changing room
  4. Dancers have the option to stay backstage OR leave the auditorium and return before CALL TIME. You will need to sign a consent form to leave backstage if you are Age 18 years & below as STSDS will not be responsible for any dancer’s safety once they leave the backstage / auditorium
  • Dancers Call Time - 5.00pm on Day 1 – 2nd December,2023 (Saturday)
  • Dancers Call Time - 2.00pm on Day 2 – 3rd December 2023 (Sunday)

Photography & Videography

  1. You are allowed to take photographs or recordings; FLASHLIGHTS ARE NOT PERMITTED and make sure your action doesn’t affect / disturb the view of other audiences
  2. We’ve hired professional photographers & videographers to cover the event. Please follow us on our social media for more pictures and updates
  3. Please tag and share all your lovely pictures or videos at our social media accounts @stsds15years / @soletosoulballet / @soletosouldance


  1. Please remember to visit our merchandise booth. Our 15th Years Anniversary Celebration Concert merchandise are limited-editions and will only be available until stocks lasts
  2. Proceeds from the 15th Years Anniversary Celebration Concert merchandise will be DONATED to welfare as a token of appreciation from everyone’s support


  1. Teachers will distribute the Ballet & ISTD Modern costumes to the dancers from 20th November onwards. If you have ordered but did not receive your costume, please contact your class teacher immediately
  2. DO NOT wash the costumes, just air-dry will do. STSDS will not be responsible for any damage or lost costume. Please handle them with care as we do not have spare replacement costumes for each dancer
  3. If you are involved in more than (1) One dance item in a day, please prepare your costumes accordingly. Our STSDS Concert Crew will be there to assist you to the changing room that you will perform with after your first performance
  4. For Ballerinas and Ballerinos, make sure to have clean ballet tights, clean ballet shoes, clean character shoes, clean bodysuits / undergarments prepared
  5. For other genre of dance style dancers, please come in with full costume and hairdo that is required by your dance choreography (If you are unsure, please check with your respective teacher)
  6. You are advised to pack a backup costume for other genre of dance styles

Makeup & Hair

  1. All makeup and hairdo must be done from home with hair accessories given, only touch up needed after stage rehearsals (Please check with your respective teacher on the makeup colour and hairstyle required)
  2. Our STSS Concert Crew WILL NOT be helping with you / your child’s makeup and hairdo
  3. Please prepare your makeup set / Hair Spray / Gel / Pins to touch up
  4. You can visit A.S.K Hair for their services and mention that you are from STSDS (Please refer to the QR Code link given)


  1. Dress Code: Proper casual attire with shoes
  2. To prepare your e-tickets in advanced OR to collect your tickets at ONETIX counter
  3. All audience to prepare your e-tickets before entering the auditorium. Ticketing Operator will scan your e-tickets
  4. Audience without tickets are permitted from entering the auditorium
  5. Children ABOVE 3 YEARS OLD require an individual tickets and strictly no lap seating allowed
  6. NO FOOD AND DRINKS to be brought on stage or seating area or at the auditorium. Only proper bottle canisters are allowed

House Rules

  1. Your safety is your personal responsibility. Always obey safety barrier ropes, signs, stickers, and tags
  2. Safety is everyone’s team effort. Please take good care of each other
  3. No food or drinks to be brought on stage or seating area or at the auditorium. Only proper bottle canisters are allowed
  4. Loitering would not be tolerated as it contributes to accidents. Please keep the venue clean and dry
  5. Smokers must go to LG area. Personnel found to smoking in areas i.e., staircases or toilets will be dismissed from the premise
  6. Shows will start on time. All audiences advise to arrive at least half an hour as our gate will be open at : (There will be a 15-minute INTERVAL in between the show)
  7. Only light food or drinks allowed at changing room (Only HALAL food allowed)
  8. All dancers arrived in Full Makeup, Hair Done, Full Costume and Shoes (STSDS or Instructors or Teachers does not provide any makeup or hairdo services)
  9. No makeup allowed at the cafeteria area or foyer area
  10. Dancers will be stationed at assigned changing room by STSDS Concert Crews. Always stay close with your group till your turn to be on stage. STSDS Concert Crews will lead you to backstage
  11. Dancers are to be responsible for your own valuable belongings. STSDS will not be responsible for any lost or damage
  12. Each waiting area or changing room will have assigned STSDS Concert Crews. Dancers may approach STSDS Concert Crews for assistance, guidance, or any concerns
  13. Dancers are given a name tag during registration. This name tag helps STSDS Concert Crews to identify that you are part of the dancers and ensures smooth coordination during the event
  14. Dancers who need to leave the changing room for toilet break or any kind of emergency before your session must accompanied by someone or buddy system. You must inform STSDS Concert Crews as this is to ensure everyone’s safety and timely return
  15. Dancers who behave inappropriately will be asked to leave or won’t be able to participate. Any dancers found misbehaving, disruptive, or disrespectful behaviour towards fellow Crew, Instructors, Organizer, Friends will be asked to leave immediately
  16. Please do not wonder everywhere to avoid missing your turn to perform on stage
  17. Please pack some light food and snacks and water for your child
  18. Please bring a jacket / cardigan to keep you warm
  • Theatre Doors Opening Time - 5.30pm on Day 1 – 2nd December,2023 (Saturday)
  • Theatre Doors Opening Time - 2.30pm on Day 2 – 3rd December 2023 (Sunday)


  1. A consent form to fill-up to bring your child / to leave backstage during interval time and after “Full Dress” stage rehearsals. Without a consent form sign, dancers are not allowed to leave backstage till end of the event. Please decide and fill-up the forms and pass it back to teachers before 27th November 2023. (We do not allow parents to pick up your child last min as we need to make arrangements accordingly unless emergency or under certain circumstances)
  2. Dancers who leave the premises will not be able to participate at our finale & group photo session at the end of the day event
  3. If you wish to continue watching the show after picking up your child. Your child will need to purchase ticket in order to watch the 2nd half of the shows after intervals
  4. Please pick your child up at cafeteria area after the show or during interval if the child is to leave early with a consent form fill-up
  5. Dancers 18 years & below MUST fill-up consent form in order to leave PJPAC venue