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6:00 PM

Concert Program 1

Sole To Soul Dance Studio
Studio Concert 2023
Day 1 - Program Book
Saturday 02 December 2023 6:00pm
Stage 1 Theatre @ PJPAC
We invite you to join us as we celebrate an unforgettable weekend filled with music, dance and more than 400 students and faculty. Multiple performances ranging from ballet, modern, contempoary, hip hop, street jazz and more will be held over the weekend to give students and their families the chance to celebrate the joy of dance and performance. Dancers of all ages and experiences will brave the stage this December when Sole To Soul Dance Studio celebrates our 15-Years Anniversary Celebration Concert 2023 at

Stage 1 Theatre, Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre PJPAC
on 6pm Saturday, Dec 2nd & 3pm Sunday, Dec 3rd

Join us, as we celebrate their years of hard work and dedication

Message From The Principal

Welcome to our 15-Years Anniversary Celebration Concert 2023! I am happy that everyone is here to celebrate this special moment with us! Looking back 10 years ago, I never knew we would be where we are today. Back in those days, opportunities were rare and social media platforms were not so well known. It’s definitely a challenge to build the studio to where it is today. There were many obstacles and challenges especially during our 2 years of pandemic time and being that last segment to reopen to public as we are under education and entertainment line. Despite all the challenges, I am blessed that I have preserved Sole To Soul Dance Studio and it lasted a good 15 years which I believe is a milestone in the history of Sole To Soul Dance Studio.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the teachers for working with us hand in hand and putting in so much effort to nurture the students with your wonderful skills and experience. It’s truly amazing to have very supportive parents for your endless support and dedication! To all dancers, you are simply amazing! Your courage to be on stage to perform and all the hard work , sweat and tears are all worthwhile! You’ve always made us proud! Keep continue your passion for dance no matter where you are! A big thank you to the incredible team for this event! Appreciation goes to pjpac crews, stage manager and his crew, emcee, photographers, videographers, ex students, administrative stuff, crews of front house and backstage, ex instructors, friends and families who really helps to coordinate and make sure things runs smoothly for this mega event! It wouldn’t happen without anyone of you!

Lastly, I want to take a moment to thank all my sponsors for your generous support and contributions to our event! It’s not just a journey of mine! It’s also yours too! Together, we as a big family of Sole To Soul Dance Studio! Alice always say, "Dance from Sole to Soul!”

Enjoy the show!
Day 1 Program

1. Theatre Doors Open (5.30pm)

2. Welcome Speech
Presented by : Ms Alice Yap, Principal of STSDS

3. SDC Opening
"An opening dance by Sole To Soul Dance Company"

Presented by : Sole To Soul Dance Company
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

4. Daisy Dance
"Little flower princess dancing happily with their imaginery yellow daisy flower during their summer break"
Presented by : Baby Ballet
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

5. The Little Navy
"Little navys marching in happily"
Presented by : Baby Ballet
Choreographed by : Winnie Piong

6. Dreamy Land
"Little dreamy princesses, also known as the dream catcher enters their dreamlands and meete a new friend, Teddy. Both the little dreamy princesses and Teddy creates their own discovery in their dreamyland"
Presented by : Baby Ballet
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

7. Magical Dolls
"Magic dolls turns alive as they "dance"! These beautiful ballerinas and ballerino have a magical light up feature to add a whimsical touch to playtime"
Presented by : RAD Pre-Primary
Choreographed by : Winnie Piong

Day 1 Program

8. Resolve
"A contemporary dance featuring our istd modern theatre advanced 2 students"
Presented by : ISTD Advanced 2
Choreographed by : Cyn Dee

9. Future
"The girls has assembled. It's work & hustle time"
Presented by : Teens Kpop Girls
Choreographed by : Ryan Tan

10. Girl Crush
"This piece exudes powerful girl crush energy with confident moves and strong fearless attitude. Embrace your inner diva"
Presented by : Kpop Girls & Girl Style
Choreographed by : Niesha Tan

11. You Know It, You Show It
"It's all about the vibes"
Presented by : Choreography
Choreographed by : Pui Yee

12. Fairy In The Wonderland
"Lost & Found"
Presented by : Teens Kpop Girls
Choreographed by : Ryan Tan

13. Little Clock Fairies
"Have you heard about the little clock fairies? They are the only fairies that creates memories using their magical time spells"
Presented by : RAD Primary
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

Day 1 Program

14. Ensemble Of Mazurka
"Friends getting together to enjoy a festival"
Presented by : RAD Grade 2
Choreographed by : Winnie Piong

15. Valse
"An elegant gracefulness with a touch of romantic feeling. The spirit of togetherness and strength beyond words!"
Presented by : Adult Ballet
Choreographed by : Alice Yap

16. (I've had) the time of my life
"Get ready for a trip down memory lane like no other! 'Dirty Dancing'—it's more than just a film; it's a time machine that whisks us back to the days when love was fresh, dancing was an act of rebellion, and the music served as the soundtrack of our lives. If you're one of those who watched it during your youth, you know exactly what I'm talking about. So, as we step onto the dance floor to pay tribute this cinematic gem that holds such a special place in our hearts, we invite you to relive those memories and feel the excitement all over again. Let's celebrate the enduring spirit of 'Dirty Dancing,' a movie that not only defined a generation but also continues to inspire us all to have 'The Time of Our Lives"
Presented by : Salsa
Choreographed by : Jeamie Lee

17. The Clog Dance
"The clog dance is one of a well-known dance piece from the la fille mal gardee ballet story. These peasant girls can't wait to show their clog shoe fitting to the crowd"
Presented by : Primary In Dance
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

18. The Flute Girls
"These peasant girls from the la fille mal gardee ballet story are excited with their new instrument, the flute. They are looking forward to play and explore with the crowd"
Presented by : Primary In Dance
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

Day 1 Program

19. I Really Like You
"This dance potrays pure joy and youthful ethusiasm. Their performance will be as sweet as the song, and you wont be able to resist their charm"
Presented by : ISTD Grade 1
Choreographed by : Naomi Teo

20. Bringing You To A Better Place
"Think they rather switch places with you? Think again. These little munchkins are ready to take you to a “Better Place”. Let them show you the way as they feel excited to see you excited!"
Presented by : Kids Kpop
Choreographed by : Ezry

21. The Traffic Lights
"A little bunch of Cool hip hop kids who’s getting ready to show you how to Ready, Set, Go!"
Presented by : Kids Hip Hop 4+
Choreographed by : Luke Ong

22. Throwback Y2k Gurls
"Fun, Upbeat & Chic"
Presented by : Teens Hip Hop
Choreographed by : Pui Yee

23. Soldier Pop
"Inspiring many more to know about popping style"
Presented by : Popping
Choreographed by : Lia

24. Modern Loneliness
"It's easy to connect with one another given the technology of this day and age, it is almost as if we don't even need to try at all. But why do i still feel so lonely?"
Presented by : Contemporary
Choreographed by : Winnie Tay

Day 1 Program

25. Mystical Egypt
"Discover the mystical Egypt with Emily"
Presented by : Belly Dance
Choreographed by : Emily

26. Pas de Trios Paquita
"The pas de trios scene performs at a ballroom in france. In the paquita ballet story, these court ladies are performing in celebrating the homecoming of paquita marrying lucien, as a happy ending"
Presented by : RAD Inter Found
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

27. Let's Spanish!
"A stunning, strong, vibrant, and energetic spanish dance!"
Presented by : RAD Grade 5
Choreographed by : Alice Yap

28. SDC Closing
"A closing dance by Sole To Soul Dance Company"
Presented by : Sole To Soul Dance Company
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

29. Awards Presentation

30. Special Performance

31. Photo Session