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3:00 PM

Concert Program 2

Sole To Soul Dance Studio
Studio Concert 2023
Day 2 - Program Book
Sunday 03 December 2023 3:00pm
Stage 1 Theatre @ PJPAC
We invite you to join us as we celebrate an unforgettable weekend filled with music, dance and more than 400 students and faculty. Multiple performances ranging from ballet, modern, contempoary, hip hop, street jazz and more will be held over the weekend to give students and their families the chance to celebrate the joy of dance and performance. Dancers of all ages and experiences will brave the stage this December when Sole To Soul Dance Studio celebrates our 15-Years Anniversary Celebration Concert 2023 at

Stage 1 Theatre, Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre PJPAC
on 6pm Saturday, Dec 2nd & 3pm Sunday, Dec 3rd

Join us, as we celebrate their years of hard work and dedication

Message From The Principal

Welcome to our 15-Years Anniversary Celebration Concert 2023! I am happy that everyone is here to celebrate this special moment with us! Looking back 10 years ago, I never knew we would be where we are today. Back in those days, opportunities were rare and social media platforms were not so well known. It’s definitely a challenge to build the studio to where it is today. There were many obstacles and challenges especially during our 2 years of pandemic time and being that last segment to reopen to public as we are under education and entertainment line. Despite all the challenges, I am blessed that I have preserved Sole To Soul Dance Studio and it lasted a good 15 years which I believe is a milestone in the history of Sole To Soul Dance Studio.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the teachers for working with us hand in hand and putting in so much effort to nurture the students with your wonderful skills and experience. It’s truly amazing to have very supportive parents for your endless support and dedication! To all dancers, you are simply amazing! Your courage to be on stage to perform and all the hard work , sweat and tears are all worthwhile! You’ve always made us proud! Keep continue your passion for dance no matter where you are! A big thank you to the incredible team for this event! Appreciation goes to pjpac crews, stage manager and his crew, emcee, photographers, videographers, ex students, administrative stuff, crews of front house and backstage, ex instructors, friends and families who really helps to coordinate and make sure things runs smoothly for this mega event! It wouldn’t happen without anyone of you!

Lastly, I want to take a moment to thank all my sponsors for your generous support and contributions to our event! It’s not just a journey of mine! It’s also yours too! Together, we as a big family of Sole To Soul Dance Studio! Alice always say, "Dance from Sole to Soul!”

Enjoy the show!
Day 2 Program

1. Theatre Doors Open (2.30pm)

2. Welcome Speech
Presented by : Ms Alice Yap, Principal of STSDS

3. SDC Opening
"An opening dance by Sole To Soul Dance Company"
Presented by : Sole To Soul Dance Company
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

4. A Magical Day
"A fun joyful day where little fairies looking for a playmate in the forest and they found 3 little dolls to play with and spending a magical day together!"
Presented by : RAD Grade 1
Choreographed by : Alice Yap

5. Parade Day
"Let's have fun and enjoy our special parade performances!"
Presented by : RAD Grade 3 & 4
Choreographed by : Alice Yap

6. Solace
"A neo classical dance that interprets the remembrance of our loved ones. Our loved ones continue to be part of us forever, they provide us with strength and love even though they are gone. The dance recently won gold at the MCCDC"
Presented by : RAD Open Class
Choreographed by : Alice Yap

7. Levitating
"They'll make you feel like you're floating with them in the air, embracing the song's carefree spirit"
Presented by : ISTD Grade 2
Choreographed by : Naomi Teo

Day 2 Program

8. Shutdown by the Unforgiven
"Immerse yourself with a dramatic and energetic performance by the Senoritas. Get ready to be “Shutdown”ed as they showcase their talent! These young heartbreakers are ready to be the “Unforgiven”, the Villain"
Presented by : Kids Kpop
Choreographed by : Ezry

9. Set You Free
"Tears Of Angels"
Presented by : Teens Kpop Girls
Choreographed by : Ryan Tan

10. Gitty Up, Let's Party!
"Age and gender doesn’t stop us from having fun and looking cool on stage!"
Presented by : Hip Hop
Choreographed by : Lingzy

11. Wings
"The song explores themes of fear, resilience, and growth. It’s about a journey of self-discovery and finding strength within oneself, represented by the metaphor of wings. The act of spreading wings symbolises transformation and breaking free from limitations"
Presented by : Kpop Girls
Choreographed by : Andy Nazrin

12. 4+4=8
"Hope you enjoy the precision and texture swaps in this piece"
Presented by : Choreography
Choreographed by : Jonathan Loo

13. When I Grow Up
"As little girl, we always looked up to our eldest sister, imagining what's is like to grow up. An idol that we look up to during our childhood days! as we grown up , we understand that we can be whoever we want to be"
Presented by : Girlstyle
Choreographed by : Grace Constance

Day 2 Program

14. Let's Get Loud
"A vibrant, fun dance in modern jazz!"
Presented by : ISTD Grade 4 & 6
Choreographed by : Cyn Dee

15. Delusion
"Embark on a journey of self-discovery. chasing the butterfly, a symbolic reflection of yourself, yet obstacles meets your way"
Presented by : Tan Qian Hui
Choreographed by : Tan Qian Hui

16. Waltz Of The Flowers
"Waltz of the flowers is the final dance of the ballet where all the sugar plum fairy's sweets celebrates with Clara and the prince. It is composed by the famous Tchaikovsky, premiered at christmas time on the 1892. In this dance piece version, we are bringing you the summery love from the corps and also a classic pas de deux for the royal celebratory of the nutcracker"
Presented by : Adult Ballet
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

17. Dubai Night
"Discover the mystical Dubai with Emily"
Presented by : Belly Dance
Choreographed by : Emily
Casts : Emily

18. The Graduation
"The celebration of academic achievements of college students while infusing the event with energy and enthusiasm with a choreography dance to send off the students to work life"
Presented by : Choreography
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

19. 9-5 Groove
"The fresh graduates first step into work life with a hip - hop dance that captures the essence of the daily grind and routines associated to work in the office with high enthusiasm for their new life"
Presented by : Hip Hop
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

Day 2 Program

20. Count Me Out
"A special performance by Sole To Soul Dance Company"
Presented by : Sole To Soul Dance Company
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

21. Back In Finesse
"The time travellers' magical moves transport the adults back to their carefree childhood days"
Presented by : Teens Hip Hop
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

22. Back To Reality
"The adults groove their way back to reality, but with a fresh approach, bringing newfound energy and positivity to their normal lives , making every moment count"
Presented by : House, Hip Hop, Choreography
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

23. Denim Party
"A group of denim heads shows up at a local club called pjpac. We came to start the party!"
Presented by : Hip Hop
Choreographed by : Luke Ong

24. Destiny Calls
"OMG”! Get ready for an awesome time with StarStruck. A smooth transition from a cheeky song to an energetic dance routine. Its their time to shine, its their Destiny”
Presented by : Kids Kpop
Choreographed by : Ezry

25. Freak The Freak Out
"A vibrant, fun dance in modern jazz style!"
Presented by : ISTD Grade 3
Choreographed by : Cyn Dee

26. Be:
"Bad b energy explosion"
Presented by : Street Jazz
Choreographed by : Ryan Tan

Day 2 Program

27. Breaking Your Limits
"Peace, love, unity and having fun!"
Presented by : Breaking
Choreographed by : Pitt Den

28. Porsche 10
"A more feminine dance incorporating various movements in street dance. It focuses in attitude, confidence and body lines"
Presented by : Girl Style
Choreographed by : Pauline

29. Bringing You To A Better Place
"Think they rather switch places with you? Think again. These little munchkins are ready to take you to a “Better Place”. Let them show you the way as they feel excited to see you excited!"
Presented by : Kids Kpop
Choreographed by : Ezry

30. Shining Stars
"A vibrant, fun dance in musical theatre and broadway jazz style! This group won the silver at MCCDC & gold at AODC 2023! Congratulations!"
Presented by : Modern Open
Choreographed by : Cyn Dee

31. Aurora
"A famous ballet piece from the sleeping beauty, potraying princess aurora's beauty and elegance"
Presented by : RAD Inter Found
Choreographed by : Winnie Piong

32. Ensembles Of La Esmeralda
"In this version of la esmeralda, the peasant and gypsies are performing in the village and in court setting. May their outrageous pride earn great recognition as a women in their society"
Presented by : RAD Advanced Found
Choreographed by : Lau Siew Wei

Day 2 Program

33. A Ballerina's Day & Swan Lake - Pas de Quatre
"A ballerina's daily routine in class & how they transformed into beautiful swan lake through all their trainings! Behind every great dancers' life, they've devoted so much through years of trainings! What we see on stage are their glamorous moment, yet what we don’t see are the determination, sweat, tears, injuries, commitment, hardwork, strong endurance and nevertheless the passion and love for dance in them!"
Presented by : RAD Adanced & Open
Choreographed by : Alice Yap

34. SDC Closing
"A closing dance by Sole To Soul Dance Company"
Presented by : Sole To Soul Dance Company
Choreographed by : Kenneth Tan

35. Awards Presentation

36. Special Performance

37. Photo Session